Want to create a product for the Besties?

Posting products in the Facebook groups are only allowed if your products follow these Renae Christine Branding Laws. Once your product follows these branding rules, submit them for approval. After approval you can post the products once a day in our facebook groups.

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Hex Color Code Options:


Wording Options:

Besties | #ZBesties | United Besties | Handmade Titan | Other (ask for approval)

Please don’t use ‘Renae Christine’ or ‘Rich Mom University’ words for products.

Renae likes to focus on the Besties because it’s the United Besties that should be celebrated.

Fonts Options:

Please contact Renae for other font approvals.

Oxford | Brandon Grotesque | Selfie 

Graphic Options:

Hearts, Cupcakes and Blue Desserts, oh my!

Use the provided cupcake graphics below or have any other blue desserts approved by Renae.
Hearts can also be used but must be in the branding colors to be approved.


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Do not share the fonts.

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