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How to Sell on Amazon for Beginners

March 14, 2020

How to move from Etsy to Amazon or Amazon Handmade.

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Amazon 6-Figure Seller Advice For Etsy Sellers

Etsy seller mistakes


The main thing to remember is that Amazon is a BEAST.

Amazon’s nothing like Etsy, it’s corporate, much more cutthroat and it’s definitely not for the fainthearted. Like you said Renae, if you’re a hobby seller it’s probably not for you. You need to be willing to do what it takes to make money. Forget all you know about being a cute little craft seller. Etsy sellers and Besties are fabulously crafty and creative, often pedantic and precise with packaging, beautifully laid out websites, product line launches, email lists etc. Put that mentality aside for a bit, and start thinking like a money making machine. Stop hesitating. Don’t dabble. Go all in.


Don’t fight the system – Amazon will tell you to jump, so you ask “how high?” They will throw things at you, restrict you, charge you extra fees you didn’t know existed, frustrate you… and you just need to do what they ask and get on with it. It WILL pay off if you stick to it. They are your business partner, and they will put YOUR items in front of millions of people.

Don’t get hung up on the small things! When Amazon refunds a customer for whatever reason, move on. It is just one of many sales you will have so don’t sweat the small stuff. Rather than spending three hours arguing with customer service and writing posts on Facebook asking for advice, you could instead have made more items for FBA that would make you more money than the refund actually cost you.

Often Amazon will refund a customer immediately when they’re asking to return an item, before they have even sent the item back. You WILL be reimbursed after 45 days if the customer doesn’t return the item. Don’t panic.

It can be hard when you feel that you don’t have a say, but on the plus side you won’t have to deal with any order processing, any packing, figuring out incorrect or incomplete addresses, and most of all no handling refunds or emailing customers back and forth. Amazon will do all of that for you.

Amazon DO get things wrong sometimes, and then you might have to put up a fight. Last year, the suspended one of my listings after I had sold a handful of the items. Some algorithm had decided that it was a child size item, and I therefore needed to provide a safety testing certificate. It was an adult size item, listed as such and described as such, but it took me about a month and a half of emails, phone calls and chat sessions (and me pulling my hair out) before they finally released the listing again. Since then I’ve sold several hundred of that particular item. So don’t give up when you know you’re right!


OOAK items will sell, but you won’t make enough money that way. Photos, editing, listing etc will pay off much better if you turn yourself into a conveyor belt. Make sure you set up systems so that you can keep up with demand as it increases – have enough supplies at hand, ensuring you can buy more of the same materials, make enough ahead of time so you send in a little extra. If you think you could sell 5, send 8 or 10. When the item starts selling, it’ll climb in the search rankings.

Change your focus, from having an order list to complete to being ahead of the game. Make sure you get your items made in advance, so you can send in enough stock to tide you over. And focus on items you don’t mind making! We all have those special ones we secretly hate making, as they’re fiddly or awkward to make. Choose the ones you can imagine making every day.

You pay for storage space when your items are FBA. So focus on smaller, lighter, flatter, fast moving items. Greeting cards, coasters, hair bands, decals, note pads, scarves… If you sell bespoke bedroom furniture, FBA is probably not the best solution.