The Great Ones Adjust

Everything you need to know about support is right here:

1. Email Mc Lester for billing/login support


When would you need this?


a. You need to update your credit card


b. You want to cancel your package within 30 days.


c. You need a copy of your invoice — because your purchase is totally a biz write-off.


d. You lost your password


e. Your password isn’t working


f. You haven’t been approved for the FB group after waiting 1 business day.


REMEMBER: Our staff is off weekends and holidays.

2. Ask other EntreGamers for help inside the private Facebook group


When would you use this?


a. If you have a problem and you want to see how other EntreGamers solved the same problem.


b.You have a question about something that the training may or may not cover.


c. you need some guidance on how a particular video pertains to your biz


d. Something on your computer isn’t working quite right so you want to see what other EntreGamers use. Perhaps you need some new recommended fun apps or software? EntreGamers offer delicious options.

3. Ask Renae's COO, Mc, for help inside the private Facebook group


When would you use this?


a. You need an expert to answer a strategy question.


b.You have a question about a video or module in the course.


c.Your screen isn’t matching what’s in the course.


d. Something isn’t working quite right in your set up and you need some hand holding help.


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