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Renae Christine's Hard Beginnings

I was a divorced, single mom of 3 kids.
I had built up a 6 figure wedding invitation business during my previous marriage, but sold it during the divorce.
I figured the lump sum would help me get back on my feet as a single mom.
I didn’t have any family in the state I was in. So it’s not like I could ask someone to watch my kids while I go out and get a traditional job to pay the bills. 
And 2 of my kids were still in diapers so it’s not like I could just drop them off at school and go to work.
So I sold my wedding invitation company and thought, ok, everything’s going to be ok because I have that money.
And I have a YouTube channel so I’ll just build that up and make money from YouTube ads.
But slowly, the money started dwindling and the money I thought I would get from YouTube ads just was not enough to even pay for anything. I mean, I made so little that I couldn’t pay for more than a few meals with it.
One day, my 9-year-old came to me with a note from school saying that said she needed glasses.
The eye exam and glasses would have cost as much as rent, if not more so it was like having to choose between glasses or rent.
I remember calling the school up and telling them, listen, I don’t really know what to do. I know my daughter needs glasses, but I have nothing and I can’t pay for new glasses.
The nurse said to me, listen, I have in my hand a voucher from the school. Take your child to the eye doctor and they’ll set you up with a free eye exam and free glasses.
And … I remember, the nurse waited for my response and, I couldn’t even talk because I was choking back tears. I couldn’t even say thank you because if I opened my mouth I knew I would just start crying instead of talking. And she could hear my silent crying and then she also couldn’t talk because she was also crying. 
And I wasn’t emotional because my child was getting free glasses. I was emotional because, I felt like a total failure and the school had to rescue me.
It felt like the world had collapsed on top of me and I didn’t even have the strength to pull myself or my kids out of this mess.
The bottom line was that I really needed to find a way to legitimately make money online so I could properly take care of my kids the way they should be taken care of.
I thought, maybe if I wasn’t a single mom with kids in diapers, I’d be able to make money somehow. But I’m stuck.
I never wanted to be that single mom depending on charity, yet here we are.
It felt even worse than that though because, I felt guilty
I blamed myself because it was my decision to get divorced and it was my decision to sell my wedding invitation business.
And, at this point, it didn’t even matter if I had a good reason to get divorced or not, because my kids are in this situation. 
It’s my fault that my child had to feel embarrassed when she brought home a note about a party in school and she needed $5 for this party and I had to embarrisingly write a note to the school teacher to tell her, we don’t have it. We don’t have $5.
And just when I thought, it can’t get worse than that, it did.

Googling Homeless Shelters

I remember the day, March 10, 2014, like it was yesterday.
I was sitting at my computer. I was in a daze because I’d just realized that the money is gone now. I don’t have money for next month’s rent. We’d downsized as much as we could, we moved to the cheapest apartment in Las Vegas, and I posted a video every single day on YouTube for 365 days in a row. I didn’t miss a single day. And still, it wasn’t enough.
I remember going onto google and typing ‘Las Vegas homeless shelters’ in the search bar.
It felt like that movie, Pursuit of Happyness with Will Smith. Do you remember that movie? Remember, when he’s sleeping in the subway bathroom with his kid?
It felt like that, but worse, because I had 3 kids and myself, all girls, 2 in diapers and I had no idea where we were going to go.
And, ultimately, I knew that now I would have to face the fact that we were probably going to be homeless or in a homeless shelter, within 30 days.
That’s when it happened.
I saw an email flash across my screen from David Siteman Garland.
I had been following him on YouTube recently and he had some interesting, but different, business advice.
I still have the email.
The subject line read ‘craziest webinar story ever.’
I started to read how David was going to have a webinar within 48 hours and this guy John said ‘listen, do this step by step system and you will pretty much mop up.’
So David tried John’s webinar system and had instant success with a webinar he was hosting 2 days later.
When I saw this, I thought, ok, wow, that sounds really fast. 2 days to implement this? That’s psycho fast, the psycho fast that I need to pay my rent.
But also, I thought, I trust David. He’s taught me a lot. He’s answered my YouTube comments personally. He’s a real person and he doesn’t seem to be a liar and the live workshop has a money back guarantee.
So David was going to show this new webinar system live on March 20th. And right now as I’m reading this email it’s March 10th. So I’m thinking. Ok, if I go into this live thing on March 20th and I take 7 days to implement this webinar system instead of 2, I might still be able to make rent. I don’t know. I’ve never actually made money at one of my webinars before. And I’ve given dozens of webinars. But this is probably my last shot before giving in and figuring out our homeless situation with my 3 kids.
I’ve never paid for an online training or course before. I thought, everything you need you can find free on YouTube. But I had been trying that for 2 years now and I still wasn’t making any money.
This live workshop where David and John would teach me this webinar system was $197.
I’m looking at my bank account, knowing, this was it. We probably had enough left for gas and food to get us to a homeless shelter if this doesn’t work but that’s it.
Something in the back of my mind kept saying that you have to try it. My brain was saying ‘Your way isn’t working Renae.’ ‘Try David’s way.’
So I jumped in and I created a mini course called ‘Product Video Blueprint’. It was a $97 product where I taught handmade business owners how to showcase their products on video and upload it to Roku to get traffic. 
I made the course before David Siteman Garland and John’s live webinar training on March 20th. 
So, March 20th came and I was ready to focus 100% on David Siteman Garland and John’s webinar and launch my ‘Product Video Blueprint’ product immediately afterward.
I had my notebook ready. I was on fire to follow it 100% to a t.
The training was step by step as they promised
But … it felt … wrong and unnatural. Everything they were saying to do was the complete opposite of what I’d done in the past or assumed would work. It was the opposite of what was in all those free YouTube videos I was learning from for 2 years.
I didn’t know if I could even do it their way so I was so grateful that they took me slide by slide and told me exactly what to do and what to say.
I was so grateful that I could just show slides and hide behind a computer screen and just read this unnatural feeling webinar script, word for word, so I didn’t mess it up.
After the live workshop was over, I worked hard and fast with no breaks to create my first webinar using this system.
I made the webinar and launched officially 7 days after David and John’s live workshop training. Their training was on March 20th and I launched on March 27th.
I could never have guessed what was coming next.

A Taste of Success

I’d had a 2 year dry spell on YouTube where I made little on ads and nothing on my webinars previous to this.
But now, all of a sudden, I heard “Bling. Bling. Bling.” 
Sales were coming in like never before.
Within 3 days, by March 29th, I had made $1700
My rent, was $800/month.
To you, $1700 might seem like it’s nothing. 
To me, it was 2 months rent.
But it was more than that. To me, it was absolute oxygen. 
It felt like my heart had flatlined and now is beating again.
It was life. It worked. 
It was something … that worked. 
I had 2 more days of my launch left but I didn’t hesitate to celebrate with my kids.
On March 29th, 3 days into the launch with 2 days left to go, I sent a an email with a video thanking David Siteman Garland and John.
I tried not to cry on the video I sent but I ultimately ended up blubbering all over the place. And now, that video has gone viral and is now known as the infamous Renae Christine Crying Girl Video.

In it, I am in a dazed shock and I just keep repeating over and over again that I can’t believe their webinar system works.
I didn’t even realize at the time of making the video that I would close the cart to my launch, 2 days later, with almost $3,000 in my bank account.
And this was only my first launch.
This is when I realized that if I just create courses and then create a webinar to sell those courses, I should be able to pay all my bills for the rest of time, right? And I’ll be able to do it all from home and online? Maybe. We’ll have to try it again.
So what was in David Siteman Garland or (DSG) as we call him, what was in his training that made all the difference?
Well, I discovered a critical mistake I was making.
Before his live training, I thought, I should just keep my course open all the time so that people can join when they’re ready
But, I learned that I was completely wrong, and that, if people can join at any time, then they put your course on the back burner and never get around to actually purchasing it. 
So you have to open enrollment and then close it again and focus on the students inside, in between your enrollment opening and closing. You can’t just have it open all the time or you’re missing serious sales.
And even if you do get sales if you’re open all the time, you’d get so much more if you’d close and reopen again in 6 months or a year.
So, from here, I decided to close my main flagship course.
At the time it was called Rich Mom University, which, sounds so scammy now during but I made it to complement Rich Dad Poor Dad. I thought Rich Mom Poor Mom. But no one seemed to understand that so I changed the name later to Handmade Titan University. 
Anyway, this was my flagship course at this time where I taught my students how to build a handmade business like I did my wedding invitation business.
I didn’t know how to really close it … because it’d just been open forever until now not getting many sales, so, I just sent out an email and announced to my audience that I was closing enrollment. I said they wouldn’t be able to get in until I opened enrollment again later. Then I followed my promise and closed enrollment in about 10 days from that email.
And, some weird stuff happened. Some students thought I was shutting it down permanently because it was a failure. I got emails worried about my decision. But most people, thought that I was lying and that I wouldn’t really close enrollment.
One student emailed me, really upset that I actually closed it. And when I said ‘I TOLD YOU I was going to close it’ they said ‘yeah but I didn’t think you actually MEANT that!’ And I said ‘too bad, you have to wait for enrollment to open again in 6 months.”
Just by closing this flagship course though, I made $4,000 just for closing enrollment.
It really showed me that if you don’t close enrollment, you won’t make money, and I mean, big money.
After this, I thought, ok, that’s closed. 
What do I do within the next 6 months until I can open enrollment to my Rich Mom University course again?
I thought, I’ll make a new product to sell!

Let's Try Again With Something New!

I made this brand new product called ‘Ecommerce Elite’ and launched it in January of 2015. This was 2 months shy of me opening enrollment again to the Rich Mom University course.
I wasn’t prepared for what was about to happen.
Because I closed enrollment previously, my students now believed me that I would do so.
So this time, when I opened enrollment to this new product, Ecommerce Elite, and announced that the cart would be closing again, I watched as a flood of sales hit my bank account on closing day.
My first launch made $3,000, my second one, where I closed enrollment to my Rich Mom University made $4,000This time, when the cart closed, I was staring at  $81,000 in my bank account.
I had never seen anything like this in all my life. How was this even possible? 
This is when I truly realized that the ultimate secret to making money from home was by building a product and launching it through a webinar and then actually closing the cart for scarcity. And it works, as long as you do what you say you’re going to do and close the cart.

We Didn't See a Major Problem Though ...

But … we had a major problem at this point.
Ok cool, we made $81,000 launching a new product.
The problem is that, this time, we didn’t sell a course. This time, we sold a website building service. I promised all of these new customers that I was going to build their websites.
I now had a backlog of students ready for me to build their websites and there were so many that I didn’t know what to do. I hired a team to help me but we still couldn’t build the websites fast enough.
So, ok great, I can get all the money in the world but I’m drowning because I sold something that’s a complete time suck.
When I sold a course, all of the work was front loaded in making the course. But once it sold. All I have to do is answer people’s questions as they’re following the course.
Also, soon afterward, I realized, I wasn’t really doing anyone any favors by building their websites for them because they were all breaking their own websites after I turned them over.
And this is when I realized that, courses were a much better, more scalable product to sell online instead of a service, but also, you’re teaching someone to do something for themselves instead of doing it for them. 
Give a man a fish, he eats for a day, teach the man to fish and he eats for life, right? 

Continued Testing and Perfecting ...

So two months after this launch, I decide, ok, it’s time to launch my Rich Mom University flagship course again. 
It’s been 6 months since I closed enrollment.
And I told my audience I would open enrollment again in 6 months and that was in August.
So let’s do it.
Remember, this is the course that teaches people how to build a business like my 6 figure wedding invitations business? When I closed enrollment last time, 6 months prior, it brought in $4,000
This time though, we were going to make a drastic change in our course and launch process and I was terrified it wouldn’t work.
My coach, DSG, had said to charge more. My course was $247 before and people were already complaining that the price was really high. 
But with DSG’s advice, we chose to raise it to $997, even though it felt unnatural and I, once again, didn’t totally believe it would work.
There wasn’t even another course out there for this target market that even came close to that price point. It didn’t exist. 
My course was already the highest priced course for that target market at $247 and now you want me to increase the price to almost a thousand dollars? Are you crazy?!? 
But we did it solely on faith because, what he said worked before, so we’re going to do it David’s way and not my way.
So the day before the cart opens, I have major Launch Fear. I’m shaking, I’m sick. At one point, I crawl underneath my desk and tell Tom I need to quit and get a job because this isn’t going to work. I literally grab the newspaper and start looking for jobs in the jobs section KNOWING in my heart of hearts that this launch was going to bomb. 
Then, the cart opens.
Opening day I make 10 sales to equal $9,970. Woah! That’s almost 10 grand on opening day! I’m shocked because I’ve now made, on opening day, more than the entire launch the previous year that made $4000 and all because I closed enrollment previously, followed this webinar system and raised my price.
Also shocking, I start getting emails in from students no longer whining about the price. The new students are now quite literally ‘toasting’ their enrollment and celebrating their new adventure. And all I did was raise the price high enough that people took it seriously.
For the following 10 days I watch as sales slowly trickle in.
By the time the cart closes, I’m looking at the total and I just … 
I can’t believe my eyes. It was too big to even say out loud. I felt like a liar telling Tom the final number. 
I had a six figure launch. I made 6 figures in 10 daysHow can this even be possible?
This six figure launch is exactly one year later from that first $3,000 launch.
What if you could do that? What if you could launch this year and make $3k and then launch a few more times and make $115k? What would that be like for you? What would that mean? What would you do with that?
Then Tom reminded me of the launch we’d done just 2 months prior. 
Remember, the website building service launch where we made $81,000?
Just from a few tweaks I went from the poverty level the year before, almost homeless, to $196,221, almost $200k in 2 months a year later
And because I sold a course instead of a service this time, I didn’t have a backlog of people waiting for me. 
And thank goodness because, it’s 2 months later and I still haven’t finished all of those websites that I promised to build from that earlier launch.

More Trial and Error

So from here, I know. It’s all about courses and not about any other products or services if I truly want to scale
And you might be thinking, you’re so greedy Renae! I could live off of $81,000 a year and take all year building websites and wouldn’t complain. And, I could have done that too but because I could get that amount and sell a course, why not switch? Who wouldn’t switch knowing that?
So from here I decide, ok, I’m going to go Rambo and build a new course. But this one will be a tech course
I’m going to teach my students how to build their own websites.
But before I can start on this, I have to do something with the backlog of students waiting for their websites to be built.
So I break even on that launch by hiring enough people to completely take that over and build the websites we’d promised. 
Then I promise myself to never take anymore website building orders again.
And then I start focusing on this next course.
And click by click, I record my screen and every click right from the beginning of a student deciding ‘hey I want to build an website’ all the way through making that website go live.
And I take those recordings, put them in order in organized modules and I create downloads and cheat sheets to make the process even easier and faster, and I fashion that into a course.
It’s ready, we’re getting ready to launch this new website building tech course called Architect.

The Next Bump In The Road ...

But, we had a problem.
We thought that because this course was a tech course and not necessarily a ‘money-making course’ that it might not do very well
Because, everyone says that if you want to make money then you teach how to make money. Right? Have you heard that before? Nod your head if you’ve heard that before.
The person teaching how to make money will always make the most money right?
Because I heard and believed that, I assumed that this tech course probably wouldn’t do very well. 
My other course, Rich Mom University, showed how to make money like I did with my 6 figure wedding invitation business, that’s probably the reason it did so well and had a 6 figure launch. So this one, who knows.
I also thought, I probably won’t make nearly as much as I did in January with the $81,000 launch because, I was selling a service then. 
I thought, wouldn’t people pay more for a service that they don’t have to do themselves than pay for a course where they have to do the work themselves?
This new Architect course is probably a fail right from the start.
My coach, DSG, who seemed to be right about everything, said I was wrong about the assumption and that a course doesn’t have to teach anything to do with making money to be successful.
And he showed dozens of examples of all of his students who teach everything from karate to passing a CPA exam to aerial dancing to car maintenance to weight loss. And all these students have 6 and 7 figure businesses. 
But still, there was something in the back of my brain that just didn’t quite believe him.
This new tech course, Architect was again priced at $997.
Again, I go into Launch Ugly mode. I don’t shower for the 10 days before the launch or during the launch. I was all consumed. No makeup, no hair, I slept in my clothes if I slept at all. Yes, I smelled. Really bad. But you could NOT pull me away from my computer. It was really gross. I’m again going through Launch Fear and climb under my desk. ‘Tom’ I say, ‘just let me get a job. I can’t take this pressure!’
We launch Architect in October of 2015, just 18 months after I bought that first $197 training and 6 months after the $115k Rich Mom University launch. I said to Tom, I just want 2 sales. If I get 2 sales then I’m not a failure
So, how did we do?
Was it a failure because it was a tech course that had nothing to do with making money?
After closing the cart, we tallied up all the sales
I was then staring at a number I hadn’t seen before.
We almost doubled the website service offer in January that made $81,000 and we made even more than my ‘money making business’ course 6 months earlier that made $115,000.
Once again, DSG was right. We didn’t need a course that showed how to make money, to actually make big money.

Renae's Ego Gets In The Way ...

I’ve made it big time and now I’ve caught the attention of DSG himself who then interviews me on his podcast.
He asks me ‘what are you gunna do next?’ and I say simply ‘I wanna double the Architect launch numbers in 6 months.’
And, I get off of the podcast and realize, OMG I really just said that.
I just said publicly that I’m going to do a $300,000 launch next, in 6 months.
Are you crazy, Renae?!? I said to myself. I don’t even think that’s possible! I don’t even think it’s been done before. DSG has never done that before. None of his students or colleagues have done that before.
I’m thinking of any way to get out of it, because that was just a really stupid thing I said, not realizing as I said it.
I have social anxieties and it just … came out!
But the promise is now blasted all over the web through all of DSG’s email lists, podcasts and his colleagues emails and shared just … everywhere. It’s STILL out there to this day.
No matter what I do, I can’t get out of this promise.
So I’m thinking to myself, how am I going to do this? How can I beat what I’ve perfected so far?
And I thought, let me try a few things above and beyond what DSG taught me. Let me try adding a few Renae Christine aspects to DSG’s formula and see if we can pull this off.
Because … only some crazy Renae Christine ideas will be crazy enough to pull off a $300k launch in 6 months from now.
So I create something I call ‘The Renae Christine Experience.’ It’s an audience warm up process with over 180 days of automated emails to prepare my audience for any launch I want to do at any time.
And 6 months later, come March 2016, we would test my new ‘Renae Christine Experience’ to see if it converted my audience to sales enough to hit that $300k number.
Or I would just fall flat on my face in front of the whole world and want to die.
As we prepared to open the cart again, I go Launch Ugly again. No showers, no sleep. I ate myself into oblivion from stress. 
More than the egotistical promise of doubling my launch, this launch was really important because, my new husband Tom Cote was missing his 17-year-old daughter.
She lived in Connecticut with her mom.
And Tom had a very special relationship with his daughter and I could tell, while he was trying his best to be happy with me and my kids in Las Vegas as a newly wed, he just missed her terribly. 
It felt like my own happiness with Tom depended on us moving to Connecticut so he could be near his daughter
But the price of going to Connecticut from Las Vegas was more than moving costs. It meant, approaching my ex and his girlfriend and offering something huge to let us move. 
Because of the divorce laws in Nevada, I couldn’t leave the state with my kids without his approval. And I knew, the only way he would accept our moving was if I had enough money to move him and his girlfriend across the country too AND give him a monthly allowance to start a new career in Connecticut. I knew it was the only way and the only negotiation he would agree to.
So this launch was for all the marbles. My happiness with my new marriage, my husband’s happiness, his daughter’s happiness and my own kids happiness all needed this launch to work desperately.
I held my breath as the cart opened.
What happened next would shock me to my core.
Normally, how a launch goes, you open the enrollment cart, then 5 days later you have a webinar, then 5 days after that, you close enrollment.
Normally, you don’t get sales when you open the enrollment cart.
Normally, you have to remain Launch Ugly until 5 days into the launch when you do your webinar. And then the sales come in the most on the actual webinar day. And the rest of the sales come in on the final day.
This time, this launch was different.

Results of 'The Renae Christine Experience' Addition

My Renae Christine experience worked so well to prepare my audience for my launch that the very second that I opened my cart, sales started pouring in right away on opening day.
Bling. Bling. Bling. What?!? How is this real! 
Within 6 hours of the cart opening we had made $100,000. 
$100,000 in 6 hours! Tom and I physically fell to the floor sobbing. We both knew that we’d be able to move so he could reunite with his daughter. 
For me, it felt like I was able to give Tom the greatest gift in the world.
At the end of the 10 day period, we tallied up the numbers.
We had 614 sales to total $612,158
I couldn’t believe we had had a $600,000 launch. I not only duplicated my previous $150,000 launch as I promised, I quadrupled it!
I would stare at my bank account, not even believing what I was seeing. I thought, there’s no way that that money is actually there. Like, if I call the bank, I’m pretty sure they’re gunna laugh at me and say it was all a joke, right? I couldn’t believe it. I still have a hard time saying that number out loud.
That was when I realized that my new step by step Renae Christine system had now surpassed anyone in DSG’s group including DSG himself.
That was the first year I went 7 figures and we’ve done 7 figures ever since we’ve perfected this new Renae Christine, Cupcake Trainings system.
So great, lots of money, right? And they lived happily ever after?
Next up … devastation.

Then ... Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down. 🙁

I listened to the wrong coach who told me to implement a new system that I’d never tried before. It was costly and would require a ton of expensive overhead.
I thought I could just add it onto our perfect Cupcake Trainings system and it would scale our business even higher.
It had the exact opposite effect. And I didn’t realize it, until it was too late and I was 
sitting in the ashes of my company.
I implemented this new ‘system’ from this new coach in January of 2019 and by the fall of 2019 I had to lay off everyone in my company.
I not only had nothing left in our bank accounts, but I had acquired over $150,000 in credit card debt.
I became suicidal over the layoffs. I had panic attacks and, for the first time in my life, had to go to the doctor to get medication because I couldn’t function. 
I felt like a complete fraud. Look at me, I thought. 
No one should let me touch another business as long as I live.
In a way, this was worse than almost being homeless because, other people and their families were involved in my failure this time. It wasn’t just me and my kids that would need to figure things out. It was an entire staff and their families. Some of whom just had babies and bought new homes. 
One of my staff members had a daycare company she had been running for years and I convinced her to shut it down to just come work for me. She did and I had to let her go 2 weeks after she joined my company. That’s how fast it all fell because of a single mistake.
I hated my very existence and couldn’t stand even sitting in my own skin. I just kept thinking to myself, I’m a horrible person. I’m a monster.

One Bright Light ... Can We Rebuild?

About 6 weeks after this crash, I discover, I’m pregnant with Tom Cote’s baby.
We wanted to have a baby together. But we learned we only had a 3% chance so we kind of just … gave up on it.
And, of course, a month after we gave up, we got pregnant.
Despite the ashes of my company, Tom and I were ecstatic to be having a baby together.
It felt like a warm light. And I thought, maybe not everything is destroyed. Maybe I could try again and go back to when things worked.
So by myself, I cleaned up everything and rebuilt the same Renae Christine, Cupcake Trainings, Launch Ugly system again. But this time, I build it better than ever before and more efficient than ever before
And, it worked. 
And it worked fast
Within a few months I’d gotten out of the credit card debt. And a few months after that I had so much capital left over that I started investing to diversify our income
I invested in a new keto cookbook business. 
I invested in Just One Dime DFY and they’re currently building me an Amazon business. 
And … I accidentally built a brick n mortar baby shop in my own town. The accidental part is a super long story that we’ll get into some day.
And I love my diversified investments and businesses. But out of all of them, nothing makes as much money as my Cupcake Trainings company and my Renae Christine system that I now call 

It’s the only online course that teaches my exact Cupcake Trainings system 

of creating a course and launching it with my perfected webinar sales system and 

my perfected Renae Christine Experience.

It’s a course that, by the time you’re finished, you’ve built a 

franchised copy of my exact Cupcake Trainings company.

Not only will building a course and webinar sales system help you to make money online, 

but it will also help you work from anywhere in the world.

With our “no-experience guarantee” included, you will have everything you need 

to build out an exact clone of our company, even if you’re a newbie.





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Audience Secrets


Build an audience that’s ready to purchase your course.


Signature $600k Live Launch Playbook


The exact step by step system Renae used to make $600k over the 

course of a 10 day launch.

Until now, Renae has only shared this with members of a private mastermind 

where members each paid $20,000/year to join.


Signature Live Launch Email Swipes


Get a copy of the launch email sequence that Renae used to generate her first million dollars.


Renae’s Shatterproof Webinar Script Template


Renae’s personal webinar word-for-word script template that she tested and 

perfected over 8 years.

It is responsible for making Renae $4.8 million.


Concierge Support


Gain access to Renae’s own team, specifically, her own COO who runs her company and live launches.


Insta-Nurture Email Swipes


Steal the emails Renae uses to warm up any cold audience. Renae has used 

these since 2013 and it has helped her fans get so crazed 

that they crash websites and webinar softwares.


Every Damn Tech Tutorial


Build an exact clone of Renae’s entire Cupcake Trainings company click-by-click. 

Guaranteed to match your screen and update when tech updates.


Refund Assasinator


Steal Renae’s customer onboarding email sequence that lowered her refund rate to 2%.


Copy & Paste Flagship Course Website


Renae will give you a copy of her own flagship course website, along with her launch pages, 

optin pages, webinar pages and every page she uses in her own course website.



You’ll load Renae’s entire website course/launch/webinar/optin system 

into your own clickfunnel’s account at the click of a button.

Total Value: 



If you are frustrated with your job or another online business that's just not producing the income you need and you want an easy solution to create a course and launch it through a failproof webinar system, then Launch Ugly® is for you.

You need to build your website at your own pace and not let some developer nut hound you with deadlines.


You are so ready to take this on 
and beat all records at 
finishing first.


You might be a little tech scared but you're ready to learn it all step-by-step.


You've tried other business models. You think this might be the one that fits YOU!.

Launch Ugly® is the ultimate training that takes you 
by the hand 
(as in step 1, step 2, step 3) to build a course and webinar launch system 
that makes enough income to pay all the bills.


You could buy a Cupcake Trainings Franchise = $100k

You could hire an agency to implement = $50k
Buy the training Renae did to learn this = $25k
Pay Renae $10/hour, for each hour that it took her to build Launch Ugly. 
That’s 2,000 hours.  = $20,000
But since you’re here and … you know … I want to help you more than some of my own family members (no offense family!), –I lowered the price just for you.


The best part of Launch Ugly®? We haven’t even mentioned this. You get my own expertise from building a course and webinar launch system. You don’t just get a thousand options and then you decide which one is best. You get THE #1 BEST step-by-step path and what I did personally and how you can set it up exactly the same way.  

ZERO RISK. 30 Day Guarantee!

I’m so confident in our services; I’m even prepared to give you a 30 DAY GUARANTEE.

That’s right! 100% MONEY BACK

In other words, there is ZERO RISK because of my 30 Day Guarantee!

Now that you know how to build an infoproduct business model, just get it done.

I want to make your course experience as easy and impressive as possible. I give you my word you will be satisfied with the results. Not only that, your bottom-line will be happy too.

Still not convinced?

Give it a test drive for a couple weeks, and if you don’t like the way it handles, you can bring it right back to the dealership. So, get out there and do it.

Whether you can’t follow the Launch Ugly® tutorials, or aren’t happy, for any reason, I will refund 100% of your money. Of course, because I know you will love it, 30-day money back guarantee is the least I can do.


You’ll need a ClickFunnels, Ontraport and Zapier account to duplicate my exact Cupcake Trainings business system.

If you aren’t afraid of hard work, and you’re ready to build something that finally brings in enough income for you to work from home and pay all the bills and take care of your family, then Launch Ugly® is for you.

No. The price of the course is a one time enrollment fee. You get lifetime access with the one price. You will receive all future updates in the course free as well.

  • If you find yourself struggling to complete the first module then please email me within the first 30 days to get 100% of your money back.

You will have access to my staff and my exclusive COO, Mc. My COO runs all of my launches and will help you with anything you need in duplicating our system. You’ll have access to a private Facebook group where you can ask Mc questions and also other Launch Ugly® students. I also hop in to say ‘hi’ from time to time.

Our client concierge is ready for your email at

Free updates. Yeah I know. Cool huh?

Launch Ugly® was designed to be a 8 week program. It was designed to take the average person through one module each week. It might take you shorter or longer depending on the amount of hours you can devote to the trainings. But you have access indefinitely so even if it takes you several months to implement, there’s no shame in that. Let us help you!


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