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Renae has 60,000+ unread emails on her phone.
Please reference the FAQ below to help you get an answer faster.

Renae has loved and reviewed many-a-product since 2012 but she is now unable to accommodate the insane amount of requests. She now only reviews products that she finds and uses herself for complete transparency with her audience.

Renae uses a different business model so she doesn’t have to weigh down her videos with sponsorships. Thus, she doesn’t offer sponsor slots at this time.

Unfortunately, no. Renae has too many followers to offer one-on-one consultations or coaching. She tries to put out as many YouTube videos as she can to help everyone.

Renae is thrilled to offer her books on Amazon and Barnes and Nobel amongst other bookstores. She is an Amazon Best Selling Author with her books all hitting #1 before they officially launched.

Many have tried. Most have failed. Renae simply gets too many messages to respond to them all. However, if you feel you can get past the assistant filter, email

If you purchased a product and need help then we would love to help you! Please email and Renae’s staff will assist you within 1 business day.

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