Who is Renae?

Renae felt like she succeeded at the American Dream. She worked every waking moment for over a decade. She attained millionaire status. She married the man of her dreams. Her husband chose to be a stay at home dad so Renae could continue to build her career. She mothered 4 beautiful children. Sound amazing? It crumbled beneath her feet. 

After her millions disappeared, Renae sat in the ashes with her children, who she didn’t know, and a bruised marriage she failed to cherish due to her workaholism.

Renae finally looked to God. In that moment, Renae realized  that the true American Dream was God given through proper roots and family.

Renae’s only purpose now is to build light for her family. As dark as the world gets, Renae is determined to turn her home into a sunbeam.

Join Renae in her journey to turn her urban home into the sparkliest fort on earth.